Gold Coast – Brisbane – Sunshine Coast | Part 2/9

Day 2

Sun shiny day at the Sunshine Coast.

As Sunshine Coast is around 2 hour drive from Brisbane, we left the apartment quite early. Planning for day trip to Sunshine Coast was made easier using the TripAdvisor and the Visit Sunshine Coast website. Not too much info/first hand review can be sought from the local travel bloggers. So, in the end, we decided to go the market, fruit farm and a dairy farm. (Tips: the flexibility of planning your own trip; u can explore more, decide on how long to spend at a location, customised your itinerary to suit the needs of the travel group).

Our first stop of the day was the Eumundi Market. This is a weekend market at Eumundi, operating on Wednesday and Saturday only. (Tips: Aussie’s weekend market is worth for a visit, but always check the operating date and time. It may varies) The market is quite a large scale; consisting of stalls selling clothing, home deco, foods, fresh veggies, etc. Ample parking space with $3 per entry fee. As it was 2nd day there, i’m still bit cautious when it come to spending the money. so no serious shopping. I just indulged over the churros, garlic calamaris while listening to indie singer song.





2nd stop was the Rollin Strawberry Farms. This is a PYO strawberries farm. Eventhough it was scorching hot, we still having lots of fun, picking the strawberries while posing for the camera.If u come in a group, min weight you have to pick is 1kg for $15. Sounds a lot ? The kids proved that was easy peasy task for them. Cant forget the sweetness of the strawberries! Love Love Love (tips: There were lots of pyo farm at aussies, come at the right time, you can pick your own cherries or posed with the lovely and romantic cherry blossom. This activity is well loved by the kids and adults!)



3rd stop was Maleny Dairies, a dairy farm. We pre book 2.30pm tour via email, the tour cost $9 per adult (money worth paying for) We had so much fun! alas the kids not enjoying too much as they were still recovering from fever. but one thing for sure they were generous with their testers!(tips: Fresh milk in aussie is cheap. Drink as much as you can)




Last stop for the Sunshine Coast day trip was the (entrance of) Australia Zoo. This is one of our regrets! For not being able to allocate a day for the zoo! If Allah permits, got the chance to go there again..i will definitely include this in my itinerary!

Aussie zoo 02

aussie zoo01

After spending a day at Sunshine Coast, I think travel agencies in Malaysia should consider including Sunshine Coast in their itinerary.



The next day i prepared this strawberry layers using the custard cream bought from Maleny Dairies and Strawberries picked up at the Rollins Strawberry Farm.

Nyum2 strawberry layers

Nyum2 strawberry layers