Gold Coast – Brisbane – Sunshine Coast | Part 4/9

Day 4

Sniff. Sniff. It’s eucalyptus!

Last day in Brisbane! After checked out, we rushed to the souvenir shop nearby the Queen Elizabeth Mall to buy some Brisbane souvenir.

Having reading few travel blogs, we have anticipated that the parking rate gonna be expensive, but the truth is the parking rate at CBD was outrageouly expensive! it is not even after converting into RM. Most logical explanation was that to encourage ppl to use the public transport at the CBD. The rate is starting from $6 for first 10 minutes, then $16 for less than 20 minutes, followed by $32 for less than 40 minutes..etc. And we were charged for $32. That was RM96! (Tips 1.dont drive n park at cbd. apartment nearby the queen st mall. 3.Dont delay shopping for souvenir till the last minute.)

Brisbane’s Souvenirs. Checked!

We bid farewell to Brisbane CBD and headed to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The entrance fee is around $30++, but thanks to Avis, we got 20% discount for the tickets! my suggestion, plan your trip to lone that u can watch all the animal shows (or skip some of the shows which u’re not interested) Do spare around $16 to take photo with the koala. I love koalas! they smelt like fresh leaves (bcoz they ate eucalyptus leaves), the fur is sooo soft, so cuddle-able. Here are my quick review on the activities at the Lone Pine:

– Barn Animal Encounter  (Barn) . Kids love this

– Wildlife Encounter (Main Enclosure). Interesting, unique animals with own stories.

– Koala Presentation (Main Enclosure). The highlight of the park. I got to know, every koala has distinct features that differentiate each of them.

– Bird of Prey Free Flight Show (Nature Kingdom). Interesting, the birds are beautiful.

– Sheep Dog  & Sheep Shearing Show  (Nature Kingdom). Interesting to watch.

– Snake Presentation (Main Enclosure) We skipped this

– Platypus Feed & Keeper Presentation  (Platypus House) We skipped this

– Tasmanian Devil Feed & Keeper Presentation  (Tasmanian Devil Enclosure). Cant have a proper/closer look. 

– Wild Lorikeet Feeding  (Riverside, beside Nature Kingdom) We skipped this.






With that we wrapped up our first leg of the trip. The journey to Surfer Paradise Esplanade took almost 1++ hr. By the time we reached the apartment, I was feeling soo tired and fall asleep as soon as i lay on the bed.


Gold Coast – Brisbane – Sunshine Coast | Part 3/9

3rd Day.

Its such a lovely day, right ?

For the 3rd day, we decided to do 4 things out of 100s things to do at Brisbane. Whylaa so many things to do, yet so little time to allocate for them?? (Read: excuses for 2nd trip) hehehe (ok..lets check the calendar..)

1st destination was the Roma Street Parklands. Brisbane has sooo many parks to chose from, but as this one is quite nearby, so we opt for this park. There’s no entrance fee, just have to pay the parking fee. The park is humongous and divided into few sections, and of course (being lovey dovey kind of a person) i love the garden section the most!




Around 30 minutes drive from the park was our next destination; DFO Brisbane. (if you dont know what is DFO stands for, you are lucky, coz you will save lots of $$$) considered as one of the favorite place for the shopaholic, I didnt bother taking any photos as busy doing some serious shopping (within limited time allocated) here! DFO Brisbane is located nearby to the airport and opposite the Woolsworth, one of the hypermarkets in Aussie. Some of the clothes are not that cheap, but for some are super cheap! I’ve found (at the very last minute) a shop where all its items are on 70% discount! Managed to grab a fine long wool cardigan for RM50. Neat!

If u’re in Brisbane, your trip is incomplete if u dont try out the City cat cruise! For the cruise, payment are using the Go Card (Touch N Go Aussie version). Dont worry if you overtopped up your Go Card, you can get the refund directly credited into your credit card account at the airport. So, what did we do on the cruise? We sat and just enjoyed the scenery of course!



Our stop was the Southbank, to watch the laser show which was part of the Santos GLNG Festival. the laser show was spectacular and lasted for around 10 minutes.

Gold Coast – Brisbane – Sunshine Coast | Part 1/9

Day 1

Why the sky here is so blue?

Our first bffs trip to oversea. After 1 year preparation, we all gathered at the LCCT for departure. Tagging along with us were my bf’s family (husband+2 kids) and lots of backpacks and luggage. Our DIY trip started off with me, my bf sitting down in front the check in counter, to unpack and repack the luggage (read: Overweight luggage). Things like this happened when we failed to weigh our bag using the right weighing scale.

From LCCT to Gold Coast, the flight took around 8++ hrs, but most of the time, we just sleep through the journey. (Tips:Fly during night-time, save your $$$ – accommodation, food, annual leave and keep your sanity checked as usually (and hopefully) the kids will sleep throughout the journey). There were long (but moving) queues at the immigration, so while queuing we chatted with other travellers. We took almost 1 hour from disembarking from the flight, immigration, claiming the baggage, and quarantine before arriving at the arrival gate. But we were happy! All food that we brought have passed the quarantine inspection. (Tips: 1. make list of food+ingredients. 2.if too many ingredients, include the photo of the label. 3.pack in one bag. meat, dairy product, fruits. 5. properly packed and sealed foods.)

There were 2 legs for our trip. 1st leg was 4 days 3 nights at Brisbane followed by 5 days 4 nights at Surfer Paradise. We rented our Kia Grand Carnival from Avis Car Rental during the Matta Fair. Our accommodation at Frisco Apartment, Brisbane was reserved via whilst the one at Surfer Paradise was via

From Coolangatta airport, we headed to Byron Bay. The Byron Bay was located at the South Wales, 1++ hour drive from the airport. I came across this place via a travelblog. And we were so glad that we included it in our itinerary. As the view was breathtaking plus it was quite breezy afternoon. Am gonna write no more..lets the photos do the talking.

byron bay01

That was so serene . .

parking fee

You can get cheaper rate by parking at the downhill. But you gotta climb walking the slope lah.

Byron Bay is located at the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales

Byron Bay is located at the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales

The Cape Byron Light House aka Rumah Api

The Cape Byron Light House aka Rumah Api

The light house from other view

The light house from other view

We continued our journey to Frisco Apartment at Brisbane. Checked in and have a good rest before walking for almost 20 minutes to the Brisbane Southbank for scrumptious dinner at Nandos.

The best Nandos so far.

The best Nandos so far.

Night view from the Southbank.

Brisbane Southbank view

Brisbane Southbank view

Santos LNG Festival

Santos LNG Festival

Eye of Brisbane?

Eye of Brisbane?