Kia Ora New Zealand – Episode 4: There’s always Plan B

That morning, I woke up much earlier than the usual to catch the sunrise. As it was summer, the day started so much early, as early as at 5.30 am and sunset around 8.45 pm. I was very sleepy as I just managed to fall asleep at around 1 a.m., hence I was walking like a zombie to a seating area facing the lake while trying so hard to open my eyes. When I reached the seating area, I noticed that there were few early birds already waiting for the sunrise too and as expected the sunrise is something worth waking up for (but not for me to stay and wait for it to really rise as I was still feeling  sooo sleepy)

Good morning from Lake Tekapo!

So I went back to the motorhome and continued to sleep until around 8 am and when I woke up, I was surprised to find out it was raining outside (no wonder I had this very calm feeling when sleeping just now). The drizzling made the morning much colder but I just walked through it to the shower.

Uninvited guests when we were having breakfast

Initially, I was planning to wash my hair that morning, but decided not to do so after noticing that the shower had a timer too (no coin is required though), but till now I still couldn’t understand why on earth did I still grabbed that shampoo bottle and pour it on my head and took my own sweet time and by the time when I realised that I shouldn’t be washing my hair, it was too late already (I must be still half awake that time).

I had to wait for few minutes before the hot shower started to operate again and to add salt to the wounds, it was freaking cold that morning!! Lesson learnt through the hardest way. :/

After breakfast and all the check-out routine, we parked our motorhome at the public parking zone, not far from the site and walked to the lake. Thanks to the early morning rain, clouds had dispersed and Lake Tekapo was as blue as it can be. The view was absolutely stunning. Rina and Azhar then started to flying kite which was in no time already up and above as it was quite windy at the lake. The kids did all sorts of thing that they can do; running, chasing each other, marvelling over the kite, throwing stones.

The day when Lake Tekapo and I were in unity, thanks to the blue blouse that I wore. #ootdmalfunction
Azhar flying kite. They bought and brought it from Malaysia.
Should have worn red that day. :/

Me? I tried out my DJI Tello, it’s a mini and way cheaper version of other DJI’s drone. Overall the quality is not too bad but alas I think that was the only first and the last time I used my drones as later on most of the areas that I went to, prohibits patrons from flying drone (Seemed like the DOCs has tighten the drone flying rules, so do check out the DOC’s rule first before flying your drone)

And then something that we kinda have anticipated to happen happened. Eventually, after the kids were done with running and chasing, they walked into the lake(with adult supervision) soaking their feet into the water and thennnn Amee suddenly walked to the left side and tripped over the pebbles and fall into the lake, as we were closely monitoring them, Rina quickly grabbed him. We immediately confirmed that was a premeditated action when Amee (who is now wet from head to toe) just cheekily smile to us after that. Gotcha!

Moment before..
Cheeky Amee wet from head to toe. Mission accomplished ..maybe that was what on his mind after falling into the lake.
It was hilarious moment for us.

After changing Amee’s clothes, we set to continue our journey for that day. And the drive to our first destination included few pit stops; Tekapo lakeside (with lupines’ view), the God shepherd’s church (Next time, this should be done at night), the Tekapo canal before we finally reached the Mount Cook Alpine Salmon

Lupines and Lake Tekapo
Wefie with bestie
Peace from Lake Tekapo
Good Shepherd Church. another stargazing spot.
View from Tekapo Canal Road
Scenie view from Tekapo Canal Road

The shop located at the Pukaki lakeside, around 40 minutes drive from Lake Tekapo and as its’ name said, there were varieties of salmon cuts available for purchases at the shop. Our aimed was the sashimi and when we saw the sashimi we were basically drooling over it. (We were given wasabi and soy sauce too, but I ate with my sweet soy sauce and wasabi :P)

It was super windy day at Lake Pukaki, that you can see waves splashing against the rocks.
Rina, Azhar and Kak Fa.

The sashimi tasted so delicious and I think I ate too much of it till I’ve to said that I’ve had enough sashimi already.

All of these for NZD40
Sashimi lunch with a view

Next destination was the Hooker Valley at the Mount Cook, and it was around 1 hour drive from the Mount Cook Alpine Salmon. Weather was still bright and cheerful along the way, and I noticed more lupines along the way but soon the weather started to get gloomier and followed by raining. By the time we reached the mountain range of Mt Cook, it was foggy and we could barely saw the mountains peak and obviously it was the same when we reached the Hooker Valley.

Lake Pukaki
Rain all the way to Mt Cook
Foggy and chilly evening

Once reached the Hooker Valley, we started to assess the situation. As it was still raining and foggy and very cold (Around 8 degrees) and we agreed that there’s no way we could trekking in this kind of weather.  When we checked the weather forecast for the next day, it wasn’t really encouraging too, but at least the shower is expected around 10 am and it is just drizzling. Having considered the situation and the fact that we came so far for not to do the trekking, we decided to postpone the trekking to tomorrow for safety reason with high hopes that the weather will be much better tomorrow.

At Glentanner, we were blessed with the rainbow after deciding to call it a day earlier than we planned. That is what we called, silver lining.

Fortunately we’ve booked powered site which is around 30 minutes from the Hooker Valley; Azhar didn’t have to drive so far in the rain and saved our travelling time too. For that night, we stayed at the Glentanner Holiday Park Mount Cook.  After parking, Rina, the kids and I strolled at the site are as the rain has stopped. I kinda love the site area during the day, as the view was scenic and there’s wild rabbits and birds too.

Searching for wild rabbit.
Scenic view even from the motorhome site
Wild mushrooms
After we were done with wild rabbit hunting, we started to prepare for the night. Seen here Kak Fa helping out to sweep the motorhome.

But on contrary during the night, the place was so dark. Maybe due to Light Ordinance as Glentanner is at the Dark Sky Reserve. To be honest, I was feeling a bit scared when  I’ve to walk alone to the toilet and the laundry room (hate total darkness) and I was glad that I don’t have to make that toilet call when it was very late at night.

Our dinner spread.
Asam pedas salmon head
Spinach and prawn
While their parents washing the dishes, Aunty N used the most effective babysitting tips to calm them down. I called it “Who wants to eat ice cream?” 🙂

The lights’ off early that night as tomorrow we need to start the day earlier than usual.

Our journey so far
  • Distance traveled today :117km
  • Duration: 4 hrs 50 mins
  • Total distance: 372 km

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