It is weekend and after a super hectic week, decided need to have some ‘me’ time. And coincidentally, there is a special exhibition “Project Shinkansen” is on going at Isetan the Japan Store. So, here I am, who are on the way to be otaku densha, being excited watching the cute and cool diorama of Shinkansen.

Cool right? Other things that you can do and get at this exhibition are:

1. Redeem special tote bag and a note book by:

-‘Like’ the official FB page of Isetan the Japan Store

– Capture a photo and upload it at your fb wall with a hashtag #ProjectShinkansen

– Just show it to the staff manning the exhibition there 

I love the notebook..as it is a plain paper notebook..

2. Fill up a survey and get a coupon to redeem an Ekiben (Japan Train Station Bento) . This one is limited distribution only on specific days (mostly weekends)

3. Of course, you can take photos, videos and even selfies with the diorama:

4. Or taking photo at the photowall.

5. If you can’t get enough of the diorama, maybe you should consider to buy and build one at home. The Tomica store just nearby the exhibition. πŸ™‚

So, if you got free time and want to do something free then you should come here. The Project Shinkansen will be open until 7 March 2017. 


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