Gold Coast – Brisbane – Sunshine Coast | Part 6/9

Day 6

Early birds get worms. Early riser get to see sunrise.

Amazing view

                                                                           Amazing view


                                                                                    Pretty sunrise.

The sunrise view were captured from the apartment. Its day 6, feeling refresh then ever. Thanks to the good sleep provided by the good mattress and pillow and lullaby by the wave sound was such a bliss.

We are up super early that day as we were to be at the Mariner’s Cove as early as at 7.30 am for the whale watching. Whale watching is one of the seasonal activities that can be done while you are at Aussie. The availability can be checked at here. If you are planning for whale watching, do browse the internet for discount tickets as the tour is quite pricey (around $80++). We were lucky enough as my bff spotted a whale watching offer from Groupon Australia for $49 per adult (Tips: 1.We regularly checked Groupon Aussie, just in case there are offers that applicable for the trip.2.Read the T&C 3. Check the availability of the tour for your preferred date with the provider prior purchasing the Groupon)

For that $49 that we paid, we got a half day cruise with muffins and coffee and tea for refreshments. I paid additional $20 for our group photo in front of the cruise and whale photos taken by the professional as seen during the trip. (As there is no plan to repeat this, just closed one eye lah).

To be truth, I am quite skeptical about going on the cruise for the whale watching (read: Seasick). But Alhamdulillah, i managed to survive the seasick with no vomiting. The most important thing was we got to see the Blue Whale and dolphins in action today! Yippee! (Tips: Seasick? 1. Station at one place, restrict movement. 2. Crunch on ice also helped to alleviate nausea. 3. Patch koyok at your belly bottom. 4.Consume anti motion sickness pill)

Whale watching. Checked. (No repeat plan)





Gold Coast city from the cruise.

After the whale watching, we walked for 5 minutes to the Peter Fish Market for lunch.



we had fish n chip for lunch! Price starting from $13 (the portion is quite big, worthy for 2), dip sauce has to be purchased separately. I recommended the aoli dip, goes really well with the superb fish and chip.

peter fish maret

Crabs and Lobsters at Peter Fish Market

peter fish market

                                                                        Fish fillets.


                                                                        My fish and chip.

During the night we strolled at the Surfer Paradise night market. The night market is quite unique selling various type of foods, souvenirs, homemade products. there even had a stall where for $10, they will take picture of you with some of the reptiles (snakes, lizard, etc)..coolness! Nway if i got the chance to go there again, i would surely buy those customised cap (they write ur name on the cap, and personalised with grafitti using the airbrush). Worth mentioning is the vegan cookies from the scrumptious cookies and cake stall that are very generous with the portion of their tester.



From the night market, we headed to the business park, surveying for souvenirs shop and to go to the Hard Rock Shop. There’s Ripley Believe it Or not, if you have that extra money and extra time. We skipped that as we will be going to splurge it at XXXX on the next day.

Kinda disappointed with the Hard Rock shop as it was not well stocked. But nonetheless me n Mawar having great time takin piccas in the paparazzi booth! for $5 only, you can get 2 strips of photos. must try!




Selfie at Hard Rock

                                                                           Selfie at Hard Rock


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