Gold Coast – Brisbane – Sunshine Coast | Part 5/9

Day 5

Here come the Superman!

Such a wonderful feeling to wake up to the sound of the waves and beautiful view of the Surfer Paradise beach. That morning, we returned our rented Kia Grand Carnival to Avis. As most of the places that we planned to go were well connected with the public transport, we decided to use the bus.

Fret not, at each bus stand, there is bus timetable with the route, and their buses are punctual! Just identify your bus number, you are good to go. We still use the Go Card for the bus fare.

Bus timetable

Bus timetable

Our destination for the 1st day at Gold Coast was the Warner Bros Movie World. We purchased the tickets from the Theme Park website. There are many type of tickets available for purchase:

– The day entrance fee right now is $93, purchase that if you’re planning to visit the Movie World only and has no plan/intention of coming back again.

– If you are planning to go to Movie World and Sea World, you should purchase the VIP Ticket which cost $109.99 which allow unlimited entries to Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild Gold Coast for certain specified period.

– If there are 4 of you planning to visit Movie World only and has no intention of coming back, you should buy the VIP Ticket of $109.99 as currently they are having promo Buy 3 Free 1. Thus, after averaging out the cost, the cost per pax will be reduced to $82.50. (Promo ends 30 June 2015)

So, in our scenario, as there were 4 adults, we opted for the VIP Tickets. We just bring the printed tickets and line up at the counter to redeem the VIP pass. (Tips: They will take your photo  (to be embeded in the card)at the counter, so touch up a bit and wear a bright colored headscarf so that the photo turn out nice)

Hello Movie World!

Hello Movie World!

Interesting promotion

Interesting promotion

As it was school break, the theme park is filled with families. I only ride one roller coaster, Scooby Doo Spooky Roller Coaster which operated similar as the Revenge of the Mummy. The popular rides with long waiting time:

Batwing Spaceshot

Batwing Spaceshot

Batwing Spaceshot - the freefall

Batwing Spaceshot – the freefall

Superman Escape - ready to be launched

Superman Escape – rescue in progress

Superman Escape

Superman Escape

The rest, were spent with queuing, waiting for and watching the shows. The shows that I watched:

– Hollywood Stunt Driver . Must watch! But be ready to queue for it as the show is the most popular show.

– Batman. Interesting. Got some fighting scene.

– Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc. So so. Too lengthy. Can skip this.

– Cowboy. Boring. Lame

– Rio 4D Experience. Interesting! I never skipped any 4d rides!

– All Star Parade . This is must not missed! Who doesnt loves parade?

For our lunch, we had maggi in cup with boiled eggs. We requested the hot water from the cafe. They were generous enough for not charging us for the hot water. There are prayer room nearby the Wild West theme park. Shots taken at the Movie World:







bugs bunny

scooby doo

parade 05


Last but not least, our group photo:

With the Super Heroes

With the Super Heroes


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