Gold Coast – Brisbane – Sunshine Coast | Part 3/9

3rd Day.

Its such a lovely day, right ?

For the 3rd day, we decided to do 4 things out of 100s things to do at Brisbane. Whylaa so many things to do, yet so little time to allocate for them?? (Read: excuses for 2nd trip) hehehe (ok..lets check the calendar..)

1st destination was the Roma Street Parklands. Brisbane has sooo many parks to chose from, but as this one is quite nearby, so we opt for this park. There’s no entrance fee, just have to pay the parking fee. The park is humongous and divided into few sections, and of course (being lovey dovey kind of a person) i love the garden section the most!




Around 30 minutes drive from the park was our next destination; DFO Brisbane. (if you dont know what is DFO stands for, you are lucky, coz you will save lots of $$$) considered as one of the favorite place for the shopaholic, I didnt bother taking any photos as busy doing some serious shopping (within limited time allocated) here! DFO Brisbane is located nearby to the airport and opposite the Woolsworth, one of the hypermarkets in Aussie. Some of the clothes are not that cheap, but for some are super cheap! I’ve found (at the very last minute) a shop where all its items are on 70% discount! Managed to grab a fine long wool cardigan for RM50. Neat!

If u’re in Brisbane, your trip is incomplete if u dont try out the City cat cruise! For the cruise, payment are using the Go Card (Touch N Go Aussie version). Dont worry if you overtopped up your Go Card, you can get the refund directly credited into your credit card account at the airport. So, what did we do on the cruise? We sat and just enjoyed the scenery of course!



Our stop was the Southbank, to watch the laser show which was part of the Santos GLNG Festival. the laser show was spectacular and lasted for around 10 minutes.


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