Kia Ora New Zealand – Episode 4: There’s always Plan B

That morning, I woke up much earlier than the usual to catch the sunrise. As it was summer, the day started so much early, as early as at 5.30 am and sunset around 8.45 pm. I was very sleepy as I just managed to fall asleep at around 1 a.m., hence I was walking like a zombie to a seating area facing the lake while trying so hard to open my eyes. When I reached the seating area, I noticed that there were few early birds already waiting for the sunrise too and as expected the sunrise is something worth waking up for (but not for me to stay and wait for it to really rise as I was still feeling  sooo sleepy)

Good morning from Lake Tekapo!

So I went back to the motorhome and continued to sleep until around 8 am and when I woke up, I was surprised to find out it was raining outside (no wonder I had this very calm feeling when sleeping just now). The drizzling made the morning much colder but I just walked through it to the shower.

Uninvited guests when we were having breakfast

Initially, I was planning to wash my hair that morning, but decided not to do so after noticing that the shower had a timer too (no coin is required though), but till now I still couldn’t understand why on earth did I still grabbed that shampoo bottle and pour it on my head and took my own sweet time and by the time when I realised that I shouldn’t be washing my hair, it was too late already (I must be still half awake that time).

I had to wait for few minutes before the hot shower started to operate again and to add salt to the wounds, it was freaking cold that morning!! Lesson learnt through the hardest way. :/

After breakfast and all the check-out routine, we parked our motorhome at the public parking zone, not far from the site and walked to the lake. Thanks to the early morning rain, clouds had dispersed and Lake Tekapo was as blue as it can be. The view was absolutely stunning. Rina and Azhar then started to flying kite which was in no time already up and above as it was quite windy at the lake. The kids did all sorts of thing that they can do; running, chasing each other, marvelling over the kite, throwing stones.

The day when Lake Tekapo and I were in unity, thanks to the blue blouse that I wore. #ootdmalfunction
Azhar flying kite. They bought and brought it from Malaysia.
Should have worn red that day. :/

Me? I tried out my DJI Tello, it’s a mini and way cheaper version of other DJI’s drone. Overall the quality is not too bad but alas I think that was the only first and the last time I used my drones as later on most of the areas that I went to, prohibits patrons from flying drone (Seemed like the DOCs has tighten the drone flying rules, so do check out the DOC’s rule first before flying your drone)

And then something that we kinda have anticipated to happen happened. Eventually, after the kids were done with running and chasing, they walked into the lake(with adult supervision) soaking their feet into the water and thennnn Amee suddenly walked to the left side and tripped over the pebbles and fall into the lake, as we were closely monitoring them, Rina quickly grabbed him. We immediately confirmed that was a premeditated action when Amee (who is now wet from head to toe) just cheekily smile to us after that. Gotcha!

Moment before..
Cheeky Amee wet from head to toe. Mission accomplished ..maybe that was what on his mind after falling into the lake.
It was hilarious moment for us.

After changing Amee’s clothes, we set to continue our journey for that day. And the drive to our first destination included few pit stops; Tekapo lakeside (with lupines’ view), the God shepherd’s church (Next time, this should be done at night), the Tekapo canal before we finally reached the Mount Cook Alpine Salmon

Lupines and Lake Tekapo
Wefie with bestie
Peace from Lake Tekapo
Good Shepherd Church. another stargazing spot.
View from Tekapo Canal Road
Scenie view from Tekapo Canal Road

The shop located at the Pukaki lakeside, around 40 minutes drive from Lake Tekapo and as its’ name said, there were varieties of salmon cuts available for purchases at the shop. Our aimed was the sashimi and when we saw the sashimi we were basically drooling over it. (We were given wasabi and soy sauce too, but I ate with my sweet soy sauce and wasabi :P)

It was super windy day at Lake Pukaki, that you can see waves splashing against the rocks.
Rina, Azhar and Kak Fa.

The sashimi tasted so delicious and I think I ate too much of it till I’ve to said that I’ve had enough sashimi already.

All of these for NZD40
Sashimi lunch with a view

Next destination was the Hooker Valley at the Mount Cook, and it was around 1 hour drive from the Mount Cook Alpine Salmon. Weather was still bright and cheerful along the way, and I noticed more lupines along the way but soon the weather started to get gloomier and followed by raining. By the time we reached the mountain range of Mt Cook, it was foggy and we could barely saw the mountains peak and obviously it was the same when we reached the Hooker Valley.

Lake Pukaki
Rain all the way to Mt Cook
Foggy and chilly evening

Once reached the Hooker Valley, we started to assess the situation. As it was still raining and foggy and very cold (Around 8 degrees) and we agreed that there’s no way we could trekking in this kind of weather.  When we checked the weather forecast for the next day, it wasn’t really encouraging too, but at least the shower is expected around 10 am and it is just drizzling. Having considered the situation and the fact that we came so far for not to do the trekking, we decided to postpone the trekking to tomorrow for safety reason with high hopes that the weather will be much better tomorrow.

At Glentanner, we were blessed with the rainbow after deciding to call it a day earlier than we planned. That is what we called, silver lining.

Fortunately we’ve booked powered site which is around 30 minutes from the Hooker Valley; Azhar didn’t have to drive so far in the rain and saved our travelling time too. For that night, we stayed at the Glentanner Holiday Park Mount Cook.  After parking, Rina, the kids and I strolled at the site are as the rain has stopped. I kinda love the site area during the day, as the view was scenic and there’s wild rabbits and birds too.

Searching for wild rabbit.
Scenic view even from the motorhome site
Wild mushrooms
After we were done with wild rabbit hunting, we started to prepare for the night. Seen here Kak Fa helping out to sweep the motorhome.

But on contrary during the night, the place was so dark. Maybe due to Light Ordinance as Glentanner is at the Dark Sky Reserve. To be honest, I was feeling a bit scared when  I’ve to walk alone to the toilet and the laundry room (hate total darkness) and I was glad that I don’t have to make that toilet call when it was very late at night.

Our dinner spread.
Asam pedas salmon head
Spinach and prawn
While their parents washing the dishes, Aunty N used the most effective babysitting tips to calm them down. I called it “Who wants to eat ice cream?” 🙂

The lights’ off early that night as tomorrow we need to start the day earlier than usual.

Our journey so far
  • Distance traveled today :117km
  • Duration: 4 hrs 50 mins
  • Total distance: 372 km

Kia Ora New Zealand – Episode 3: The Enchantment of Lupins

Good morning Methven! The day started off with us, the adults dissembling the beds, cleaning the motorhome, preparing breakfast, taking bath and prepping for the next leg of the road trip.

Amee and his morning exercise

We didn’t showered in the motorhome’s toilet (except for special cases like when Amee poo poo or when he purposely fall into the lake) but we used the site facilities instead. At Abisko Lodge, we had to pay $1 for 5 minutes of hot shower (Hot shower is the way to go as it is still freezing summer morning)

For those who love to daydreaming during shower, they might need to spare additional $1 coins. But in my case, 5 minutes shower is not a problem as I’m an expert in express shower (brush your teeth, wash your face at the sink and dont ever attempt to wash your hair or you will get into messy situation which I’ve learned through the hard way later..)

Tips: If you dont have small change with you, just request it from the Front Office

Fyi, motorhome site is still subjected to a stipulated check out time; most of the site’s check out time are 10 am. Realising that it was quite impossible for us to leave the site by 10 am, we sought permission to extend the check out time from the host and we got extension until 11 am. (Just a reminder not to make yourself at home even when you are travelling on a motorhome)

Before leaving the site, we (Rina and her husband) disposed the waste water at the dumpsite, cleaned the waste water container and refilled it with fresh water and the RV toilet chemicals (blue packet thingy that contains biodegradable formula that breaks down tissue and waste and controlled odor). Me? Busy observing and decided to leave it to the experts.

From Abisko, we headed to the Rakaia Gorge. We were fortunate that the sun still with us when we were taking photos with the picturesque Rakaia River before the clouds started to gather and followed by drizzling soon after that.

Gorgeous Rakaia Gorge view
Bff and her family
Oh hello..welcome to Rakaia Gorge..
Blue river and blue sky

There are plenty of activities that can be done at Rakaia River, for example jetboating (booking is required), picnic, fishing (license is required) or you can just soaked your feet into the river or just sit down and enjoy the view, just like we did. Oh.. Amee and Fa played with the sands too (and that was as soon as they spotted ’em).

At Rakaia River, we bumped into another Malaysian family who travelling via motorhome too, chit chatted for a while before we continued our journey to Geraldine. We used Inland Scenic Route 72 to get to Geraldine.

Along the way, we stopped nearby a sheep farm to take photos with Amee’s friends (he insisted that the sheeps are Fatin’s friend though..hahaha) and also had quick photo stop at the yellow field of canolas. Well, that’s the beauty of self drive road trip, you can just stop anywhere (that you observe is safe to park) and enjoy your quick photo session.

Soon, we arrived at Geraldine. We parked our motorhome along the road which allows free parking for 2 hours and walked to Barkers of Geraldine. People might be wondering why we were stopping by at Geraldine. Actually, there were few small towns along the route to Lake Tekapo, but we opted for Geraldine to equally break down the driving hours and also because of Barkers and Talbot Cheese.

Barkers is a fruit based products made in New Zealand and is originated from the farm at Geraldine. You can find lots of Barker’s product at the supermarket and even some of the desserts shop that we went to used Barkers. And now you will be wondering why did we even bother going to the shop when it is all readily available at the supermarket? I’ve got 2 main reasons:

  • the shop has most of the products unlike the supermarket which sell selected items only 
  • we can taste the products (no tester at the supermarket). Of course we took time to skim through the ingredients label (some might contained wine or alcohol) before we started the tasting tour.

We basically tasted everything that we could at the shop before deciding and finalising our cart and made payment. I bought a compote, lemon curd and relish to bring back home. If you need recommendations:

  • Blackcurrant juice (The most popular product, tasted like Ribena)
  • Lemon curd (good for lemon tart)
  • Strawberry jam (Fa’s favorite)
  • I think its Dulche de leche is yummy too because it was sold out during our visit
  • For more products, you can check it out at

Nearby the Barker is Talbot Cheese Shop which of course we must visit the cheese shop as Rina’s family is cheese fanatics. Once we entered the shop, we were lured to the big window disclosing the cheese making sections. Interesting to watch.

Cheese in the making

After confirming the source of rennet and checking the ingredients we started our cheese tasting. Most of the cheeses were good but the one that I instantly fall in love with the geraldine cheddar. (Sooo deliciously creamy) .

While waiting for Rina to finalise her purchases, Fa was already at the other corner of the shop, drooling over the selections of kapiti ice cream. I’ve requested to taste few flavors and the friendly staff there generously gave a spoonful of ice cream to Fa for her to taste.

Fa finally got her kapiti ice cream and a woody friend that loves to eat ice cream too!

Next pit stop was lunch. We bought our lunch from the Geraldine Fish Supply. Before placing our order, Rina had interviewed the friendly shop owner, explaining our dietary requirements. (For the first few days, Rina basically do most of the talking as I could barely talk (almost lost my voice due to severe sore throat and to make things worse I didn’t bring any medication so I just self medicating with loads of Vitamin C and ginger lemon honey tea)

Once we were convinced (after the owner showed us the halal shortening that they used for frying and informed us that they used separate utensils for frying) we placed our order and were overwhelmed when we received our orders. There were sure lotsssss of chips in the package!

Geraldine Fish Supply

After all were satisfied with their fish and chip portion, we resumed our journey to Lake Tekapo via Geraldine – Fairlie Highway, Fairlie Tekapo Road passing through the Burkes Pass while enjoying the delicious fish and chips.

Turn right for Lake Tekapo.
Cows of New Zealand
Burkes Pass

And of course one should not fall asleep while road trippin at NZ especially when you have reached the Mackenzie Country! Because we finally spotted a patch of gorgeous colorful LUPINS!! We have actually missed the patch but quickly did a u turn and here we are, alll were soooo giddy over the lupins! Note: once you saw lupins in bloom. You will keep seeing em almost everywhere.

Colorful lupins

Personally, I think that the first bushes of lupins that we stumbled into was almost the most prettiest of all due to the volumes and the gradients of colors. It made the kids so excited running around the bushes and it took a while to gather them for their mandatory family photos with the lupins.

Have I mentioned that we got the place to ourselves for almost 30 mins before other travelers noticed the beautiful bushes and decided to stop by for photo session too? AWESOME!

Mandatory family potrait with the lupins
Lupins and I
Wefie with bff to commemorate our first encounter with the lupins
Close up shot of the lupins

After 1++ hours of driving from Geraldine, we finally reached our next pit stop for the night; powered site at Lake tekapo. There were few options for the site, we choosed the one with the view. It was almost sunset when we arrived at the site, Azhar decided to rest, whilst Rina, the kids and I decided to stroll at the lake area, playground and watched the sunset.

Let’s go to the playground
Fatin and the Lake Tekapo
Bff and her children
Scenic sunset
View from our motorhome site

When we got back to our motorhome to prepare dinner, two Malaysian aunties (they stayed at the cabin) approached us and asked about our motorhome, and we explained to them about the features of the motorhome especially the bed. (Yes, most of people that we met were curious on the bed setting in the motorhome.)

What’s for dinner tonight
Stir fry prawns with mixed vege
Crowd’s favourite..ayam sos tiram

During midnight, we braved through the freezing and windy night to sit outside for stargazing session; a must do when you are at Mackenzie, one of the 13 areas of the world that has been certified as International Dark Sky Reserve by International Dark-sky Association (IDA).

What does it mean by Dark Sky Reserve?
According to IDA, it is a public or private land possessing an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights and nocturnal environment that is specifically protected for its scientific, natural, educational, cultural, heritage and/or public enjoyment. Reserves consist of a core area meeting minimum criteria for sky quality and natural darkness, and a peripheral area that supports dark sky preservation in the core.

In layman: dark sky reserve is an area where there is either veryyyyy minimal or completely free from light pollution, hence you will be able to easily see the stars galaxy with your naked eyes.

The Dark Sky Reserve Area at Aoraki Mackenzie

When I first looked up to the sky, I could only noticed a few stars, but after gazing for a minute, slowly the stars galaxy started to unfold themselves and suddenly the sky is full of stars! AMAZING!!!

Subhanallah, we were beyond words upon seeing millions of glittering stars sparkling at the sky. The sky was so clear that we could even see the milky way. I’ve tried to capture it using my Huawei P20 Pro but I failed to figure out the setting, so I decided just to sit back, absorb the view with my eyes and record it at my internal memories box.

Southern Constellations

To see the constellation that we saw that night, you can check it out at

So grateful to Allah for this opportunity and that concluded the awesome day. Time for beauty sleep.

Our journey so far.
  • Distance traveled today :158 km
  • Duration: 2 hrs 30 mins
  • Total distance: 255 km

Kia Ora New Zealand – Episode 2 : It was a looong first day..

3 hours later..


It was sooo surreal, that us finally has made it to the New Zealand! Only Allah knows, the challenges in planning for the trip (and not forgotten all the cold sweat and tears when clearing mountain of office works in preparation for the long holiday)

Alhamdulillah for the good weather throughout the journey and as it was almost midnight, I could saw (maybe millions) stars sparkling at the sky. Soo beautiful and made me wondered whether I will be seeing more of these later as the weather forecast were not too encouraging, but forecast is just a forecast right?

Soon as we disembarked from the airplane, we walked through something like a tunnel of stars, something that had to do with its Dark Sky Reserve ( )



Done with immigration, next we reached at the talked about “Quarantine Screening” section. Anyone coming into NZ shouldn’t take this quarantine screening lightly. Under declared, it will be guaranteed you will be slapped with $400 fine (per false declaration). We basically ticked “Yes” to almost everything that we knew / thought that were applicable to us, showed the declaration card to the officer and were asked to queue at a specific lane. The Officer at the screening table then went through our printed list and then physically checked the items inside the so called “food luggage” and sought confirmation for any other undeclared items in other bags. After the inspection, our baggage was sealed to indicate that it had been inspected.


And the last step of the inspection which was the ultimate test was all our bags had to go through x ray scanner; to ensure that all items that should be declared has been declared. Despite after having go through the rigorous checking just now, we were still feeling a bit anxious during the scanning and phew..we were cleared and good to go!

So here some tips for you to pass the quarantine checking:

  • No unpacked food. All should be in sealed and proper packaging; which basically means, just buy everything and put in your bag.
  • Prepare and print list of food’s ingredients for all food items that you will be bringing in.
  • Pack all your food items in one bag.
  • Read and tick the custom/quarantine declaration thoroughly.
  • No honey, milk, butter and cheese. (why bother bringing em in. There were too many of ‘em here at NZ! And much more delicious too)



It was cold outside (even when it’s summer)

By the It was past midnight at Christchurch. After few attempts, we managed to contact our stay to arrange for the airport transfer. Finally, after the longgggg journey from Kuala Lumpur, we checked in the Airport Gateway Motor Lodge and soon after settling down (which was 1.5hrs later) all of us went to (deep) sleep at around 3++ am. but first before all went to bed…


coz the last thing that I ate was the turkish gozleme. Cooked this for me and Fatin


That 2 cheeky kids, they had finished their mushroom soup and decided it wasnt enough and demanded to share the maggi with us.


Finallyyy, good night!

It was so obvious that we were totally worn out after the long trip that we overslept. By the time we woke up, it was already 9.30 am (the checkout time is 10 am!) there’s no way we could be ready for check out by 10 am, so first thing first, called the front office and asked for late check out and were informed to check out latest by 10.30 am.


Ready to check out

Managed to check out on time, Rina and her husband went to pick up the motorhome, while I waited with the kids at the motel’s lobby. The kids (except Amee) were still sleepy, thus in no time they fall asleep, leaving me accompanied by Amee waiting for Rina and Azhar to be back. Fortunately Amee behaved well and even got praised by the staff at the reception. Refer photos for evidence:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2 hrs of waiting and finally they arrived with the motorhome. So excited for our first motorhome experience! (Apparently, there were few other customers were already queueing to pick up the motorhome, and as the procesd itself took at least 30 mins to be completed, hence they took almost 2hrs to pick up the motorhome)

Anyway, it was a 6 berth Britz Frontier motorhome. Check out the layout of the motorhome below. And you can also view the real thing at this link:

Layout 1

Day view. I slept at the so called bunk bed. Most spacious of all, but it could get either too cold or too hot sometimes. We usually ate our meals at the back. While we were on the move, my luggages stayed on my bed while Rina’s, were placed at the back and a special storing compartment which is accessible from the outside.

Layout 2

night view. we usually assembled the middle bed first so that the kids can rest there while watching the movies, hence reducing the interruption while we were busy cooking. Not 100% effective, but it worked most of the time.


thanks guys for letting me to sit at the co pilot seat!


Figuring how things work


Amee exploring the RV


This one couldnt be bothered. 😛


Amee still busy exploring the RV

Loading the bags, kids on their seat, all are buckled up and we were ready to start our NZ adventure. But first, the human need fuel refill before switching on the engine. And where is the best place for the fuel refill? Of course it gotta be Burger Fuel! Okay..that is lame. Ha ha ha..

Btw, finding proper parking spot for motorhome is aint easy. We parked at a spot but then thought it wasnt safe for the motorhome and we ended up parking at another parking spot. Fortunately, there were many empty parking spots! Now, we can eat without worrying over the safety of the motorhome.

Burger Fuel provided halal options and they cooked it separately. Yay for that! All we got to do was just to inform the staff when placing our order. As for the pricing, if we compared one to one without converting into rm, I think the burgers are reasonably priced. For instance, the bambina burger that I ate was $7.50 and it was really filling and so delicious!


Missing this bambina alr!! so yummy and that kumara fries dipped in aioli too


Nice ambiance.

After the carbo loading, we went for groceries (and personal) shopping (spree) at the Pak N Save (the best thing to do when the sky was so gloomy and with drizzling rain in the afternoon) Initially, we planned to go to Pak N Save Northlands (shopping centre where you can buy your Lush ration here, beside the groceries..) but we were unable to find a proper parking spot. So we ended up at another Pak N Save with ample parking space. We spent almost 3 hours there, exploring aisle by aisle like jakun people (while burning all the Bambinas n kumara’s calories) . Bought some freshly harvested mussels which was $5.09 per kg (that was cheappp even after X RM3!), Brinks chicken and of course the infamous Puhoi milk (You gotta try Puhoi milk when you’re at NZ, the plain one, soooo delicious) Well, all of the above maybe representing just 5% of the trolley’s contents, others were too many to list out (read: longgg receipt at the cashier)


Fresh vegetables. that spring onionn looked super freshhh and pretty right?


Coz the mussels were fresh and CHEAP..


this was our trolley situation during the first hour. Sorry no photo to depict the chaotic trolley situation after the 3hrs shopping trip. 😛


Must drink at NZ!

On the way back to the parking we dropped by at the Warehouse where Rina bought the Sistema rice container for only $15 (you can get for $10 at Spotlight) Crazy cheap! And then I had to literally drag her out the Warehouse before we were trapped into another shopping spree (Seriously laa this minah, my back has started to ache, she still got energy and heart want to explore the Warehouse :p)

Now that we had bought our groceries, we were really ready to move. Our first destination for that day was Methven which was 1.5 hrs drives from Christchurch. Methven is home to Mt Hutt, a popular destination during winter and also closed to the Rakaia River. During the drive, the weather was still a bit gloomy, but we could still appreciate the scenic view and being so jakun everytime we saw sheeps and cows. For that first night, we stayed at powered site of Abisko Lodge.




So the motorhome routine started with assembling of the bed and followed by cooking




for dinner (while the kids watching the movie while lying on the bed) Such a challenge for me to cook in small confined space, but I accepted the challenge and we sat for dinner at almost midnight as when we started cooking it was already 10++ pm (let just say, we were still jet lag due to 5 hrs different with Malaysia).

Garlic Mussels (just cook according to the order of the ingredients below)

  1. Butter
  2. Minced garlic
  3. Mussels
  4. Water (to fill up 1/4 of pan)
  5. Seasoning (salt and pepper or a bit anchovies stock)
  6. Chopped parsley


Garlic mussels in action


One satisfied customer.

What a long day..time for our beauty sleep..good night!

Road trip statistic

Distance: 97km

Duration: 1hr 15min (according to Google, but we took almost 2 hrs to reach the site)

Kia Ora New Zealand – Episode 1: Are we there yet?

We were so occupied with the final planning and packing for our Japan’s autumn trip when AA announced its free seat sale. By the time we reached Kanazawa, we had this discussion whether are we really ready to go NZ in 2018 as we were fully aware that the trip will consume our annual leaves and lotss of money and lots of planning time. Consensus reached was we should just buy the Sydney one way tix first as we got better offer for that and decide later. Hence as at Nov 2017, it was still 50% probability that we will proceed with our NZ trip.

It was later in Jan 2018, when we finally firmed up our decision to proceed for the NZ trip but we were still bit indecisive whether it would be solid 2 weeks at South Island (this one we had agreed much earlier on, that it gotta be South Island only) or a few days stopover at Sydney prior to flying out to Christchurch. Once we have firmed up our plan which is to layover at Sydney for few hours and flying out to Christchurch on the same day, that’s when we started to rigorously planned for the trip. I shall put up an entry solely on planning for NZ for your ease of reading and reference later.

We began our long journey starting from KLIA2. I’ve reached the airport 3 hours before and was surprised with the crowd at airport as it was December (the peak travelling season). And a bit overwhelmed when my bff updated me that they will only be arriving 2 hrs before the flight (of which I wonder why but didn’t bother to ask as she’s opposite of me and much more adventurous (and daring) and I think she loves the adrenaline rush ;p)

It was a bit nerve wrecking moment for me considering we are flying with AAX, but then I remembered an advice from a travelling friend that to ask the staff for the counter for late check in. Thanks Abbaz! After identifying the right counter, I started queueing (while praying hard that they would be able to make it on time) at the counter as you’ll never know when there will be large group of traveller will be queueing there for late check in too. And it was such a relieved that they finally made it on time and off we go to board our flight.

It was almost a pleasant flight journey except for the cabin’s temperature which was a bit warm most of the time; the condition which was not conducive for an always hot person like me to sleep. But, as I was too excited for the journey ahead that I couldn’t be bothered by the fact that I didn’t sleep for almost 40 hrs. We breezed through the immigration (phew..) and the quarantine screening too (Aussie had a very stringent quarantine procedure) the officer even praised us for the printed list of foods that we were bringing in. Well done bff! (she’s the food luggage coordinator).

For the 9 hrs layover at Sydney, we planned for short Sydney’s excursion. Our baggages were stored at lockers which located at the airport’s parking. If the lockers are full, the last resort is the baggage storage provider which is located nearby the arrival area and of course will cost you more as the cost is per baggage. Thankfully, that didn’t happen to us. From the Airport, we boarded the train to Circular Quay (no transfer is required and journey took almost 30 mins). The fare was $18.70 per adult one way which we thought is expensive, but due to time constraints and  there was also anticipation of sunny (hot) summer we just had to forego the alternative route which offers way cheaper option (walking to Wolli Creek Station).

It was a bit heaty, sunny at Circular Quay, but we were not really affected by it as the blue sky led to scenic views of the surrounding and the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Alas, as the summer has really started to kick in, we’ve missed the short jacarandas season at Sydney but never mind, we were already so grateful for the nice weather J

We walked to The Rocks for the weekend market, bought the Turkish gozleme for our lunch, took tonnes of photos (that’s me), tour the market, went to Sydney Opera House and had an impromptu lunch picnic at the Royal Botanical Garden where the kids having so much fun running, lying on the grass, picking sticks. Nice ending to our short Sydney’s excursion.

After the long day, we refreshed ourselves at the free shower facilities provided at the airport before checking in for the next flight to Christchurch via Jetstar.

Alhamdulillah, checking in process went on smoothly and luckily I’ve memorised my return flight journey from CHC to KUL as I was asked by the staff at the check in counter (which I assumed just routine immigration procedures). Managed to post few postcards to Malaysia and off we go to Christchurch which takes almost 3 hrs from Sydney.

That’s a wrap for the 1st episode. Episode 2 coming soon..

Road Trip Krabi for Amee

Alkisahnya last two years, my bff dah beli tiket g Krabi, tapi ditakdirkan rezeki dpt anak lelaki sampai dahulu sebelum rezeki makan seafood kat Krabi sampai.

Jadi, she had to cancel her trip, tp of courselaa dah claim refund from AA. (Yes, korang boleh minta refund kalau korang ade valid reason for cancellation.)

So, sebab maknya kempunan nak g Krabi, jadi maknya mengusulkan road trip ke Krabi masa cuti Thaipusam + Federal haritu.

Jd tanpa perancangan itinerary seperti bff trip yang lepas, kami pun berangkatlah untuk road trip to Krabi.

Dan inilah cerita perjalanan kami:

Day 1- 31 Jan 2018
-Perjalanan seawal 7 pagi melalui Rawang. Singgah untuk makan pagi di RTC Ipoh.

-By 11.30 pagi dah sampai di Sungai Dua and masa ni baru nak cek betul2 requirement nak masuk Thailand dan masa inilah sedar kena ade GERAN kenderaan. Tapi kami cool sahaja sebab masih awal dan Perlis tak cuti haritu.

– Pit stop JPJ Perlis untuk mendapatkan salinan informasi kenderaan. Bayar RM20. Setel.

– Makan tengahari di kedai nasi campur yang marvellous, Kedai Anjung Keli namanya. Lauknya semua sedap. 4.5/5.

– Check in Homestay Asyifa kat Changloon. Satu malam RM 160. Ade 3 bilik tido 2 bilik air. 6 org dewasa pun lepas.

– Amik Insurans and g dinner at Mambo Bistro Restaurant.(Western) 3.5/5

– Total hrs drive dr KL to Changloon around 5-6 hours.

Ceq dah sampai Perlis!

Beautiful sunset at Changloon. Time ni kami dpt tgk beautiful supermoon

Lamb chop at Mambo Bistro. RM16.90 tp sgt puas makan

Day 2 – 1 Feb 2018

– seawal 8 pagi dh sampai sempadan. Jgn lupe dptkan borang yg sepatutnya..especially borang arrival departure tu.
– semua org kena turun keta kat kaunter tu and kami kena bayar duit OT 50 baht.
– Alhamdulillah, x lama urusan di imigresen Thailand, dlm 30-40 min gitu then kami terus gerak ke Hatyai. Dr border ke Hatyai around sejam setengah gaklah.
– Lunch di Kaitod Deccha, semua sedap kat kedai ni. Ayam goreng sedap, sotong steam lemon sedap, tomyam sedap, papaya salad sedap. Mmg layak dpt 4.5/5. 880 baht.
– Then meneruskan perjalanan ke Krabi. Dr Hatyai, dlm 4 jam 30min drive ke Krabi. Tp kami ade 3 pit stops: pit stop Nenas, pit stop Trang Andaman Gateway and pit stop di stesen minyak.
– Pit stop di Trang Andaman Gateway adelah direkemen. Photo spot yg menarik dan menyajikan pemandangan yg indah jugak.
– Tiba di Ao Nang beach just nice time sunset. Singgah beach kejap for sunset dan bebudak dr pagi dh berdikir nak main sand 😂😂😂
– Check in Ao Nang Miti Resort. Satu malam RM175 sebilik. Ade swimming pool yg berkualiti dan complimentary simple bfast. 4/5
– Dinner at Hasna Place. 3/5. Sotong goreng tepung sedap.
– Tapau pancake nutella banana. 3.5/5


ay 3 – 2 Feb 2018

– Breakfast at kedai nearby hotel. Ate laksa lemak yg pedassss..n ayam goreng sedap.
– Layan bebudak swimming before g Krabi Town (around 30 min drive dr Ao Nang)
– Lunch at Hawa Halal Food at Krabi Town. Sedappppp. 4.5/5
– Amik gamba wajib dgn Mud Crab Sculpture
– Ice cream and Bingsu pit stop at KedaiKita. Bingsu cantaloupe refreshing. 4/5
– Quick tour at Krabi Night Market. Lalu 20% gerai pun dh nampak berhantunye tempat ni kat kaki shopping n kaki makan.😂😂😂
– Balik for last sunset at Ao Nang and last round bebudak main pasiaq.
– Dinner at random kedai mkn. N round Ao Nang Night market. Xbyk mana pun kedai tp okaylaa utk last minute.
Day 4 – 3 Feb 2018
– Check out. Brunch at Arabak (ade dim sum) before heading to Hatyai. 3/5. Air manis gila. So kena minta kurangkan manis.
– Drive to Hatyai. To be specific Khlong Hae Floating Market. Masa ni kami baru book for our accommodation that night. Sgt tiada plan kan?
– Arrived at Khlong Hae Market. Interesting laa tgk floating market. Tp Bangkok punye pasti lg menarik kan. Kat sini xdelah byk mana..n few menu berulang. Budget sorang 100 -150 baht pun dh cukup. I bought krabu maggi, sotong grill, n omelette rice n air.kelapa in cute bekas. Lg benda menarik, sambil mkn ade hiburan, dptlaa tgk young Thais performing cultural dance.
– Before check in, sempat singgah Big C Supermarket. Aktiviti wajib travel dgn bff. Check out supermarket. Die cari beras. Me cari maggi n serbuk iced tea and other interesting n halal things utk dibawa balik. But we ended up beli baju jugak..ooppssss..
– Check in Blue Orchid Hotel. New hotel, bilik kecil skit. Tp for RM70 semalam, dah okay sgt.
Day 5 – 4 Feb 2018
– Check out. Breakfast at Kaled Restaurant. Nasi kerabu sempoi tp sedap. Roti canai pun sedap. Murtabak a bit manis. 3/5
– Cari McDonald. Nak amik gamba Ronald Sawadikap..dekat area Lee Plaza
– Gerak balik to KL. This time lama skit kat border n kami x perlu bayar OT. Dlm sejam gak kat border.
– Pit stop lunch at Laksa Teluk Kechai. Not too my liking, but my bff skee sgt. 2.5/5
– then straight to KL with two r&r Pit stops.
So basically, itulaa kisah Road Trip Krabi for Amee. As a first timer to Thailand, my impressions are following:
1. Thailand is food paradise on earth. Susah nak jumpe food x sedap. Byknye yg sedap atau sgt sedap. And syukur juga area Krabi n Hatyai melambak kedai dgn tanda Halal. Memudahkan.
2. Agree with my bff, beaches n sunset kat Malaysia lg best. Disclaimer: ini our personal preference, nak setuju atau tidak terpulang.
3. Toilet kat sana surprisingly lebih bersih dr kat sini. N tadek bau2 yg tidak menyenangkan. Ini aku direct compare dgn 3-4 toilet di stesen minyak n kedai mkn di Thailand dgn toilet dekat stesen minyak in Malaysia yg aku singgah.
4. Panaih gilaaaaaa.
5.kenapa aku x jumpe pun org thai yg kacak2 mcm dlm drama Thailand tu??? 😂😂😂😂
Will post separate posting utk review accommodation.

Aku dan ANA #nadXsakura2018

Japan 5.0 dimulakan dgn aku sampai rumah almost 10 p.m. selepas menarah gunung kerja yang tetiba ada. Dinner dan terus mulakan proses packing barang. Kalini aku agak tenang packing barang last minute memandangkan aku tiada keperluan utk membeli bagasi. 🙂

Menghampiri pukul 4.00 pagi, aku baru selesai 80% packing. Dan selebihnya aku selesaikan di siang harinya. Aku masih tenang masa tu, tapi panik mula menyerang bila aku cuma selesai semua urusan 3 jam setengah sebelum waktu penerbangan. Kalau aku naik AirAsia X bukan dh panik sedikit rasanya mau tercabut jantung.. 😂😂😂

Perjalanan ke KLIA menaiki grab pun menambah kan panik bila jalan yg dilalui mengalami kesesakan. Selagi x sampai selagi itulah rasa laju sungguh degupan jantung ni. (Grab ke KLIA – RM65, bayar guna CC dapat 650 ps mata dan boleh tebus RM5 kupon)

Aku tiba di KLIA dua jam sebelum waktu penerbangan, dan terus ke kaunter daftar masuk ANA. Pertama kali menggunakan full airline untuk penerbangan lebih daripada 3 jam, seawal dari rumah sudah terasa bezanya. Bila di airport plak, disambut mesra oleh kakitangan ANA. 👍

Selesai urusan daftar masuk, aku menuju ke kaunter Travel Recommends untuk mengambil pocket WiFi yang ditempah. Untuk tempoh 10 hari, caj yang dikenakan adalah RM140 dan data adalah unlimited. (Harga sebenar adalah RM180, tapi boleh beli promo code di 11street untuk dapatkan kadar RM14 sehari)

Aku dan teman jalan kali ini, Ayuni (ex housemate di UTP dan penulis bagi makan tengahari sebelum pergi ke gate pelepasan.

Semasa panggilan masuk penerbangan aku agak kagum kerana penumpang mematuhi aturan masuk, mungkin kerana kebanyakkan penumpang adalah org Jepun?

Kalau ikutkan pengalaman aku, memang pantang dengar panggilan masuk terus je serbu ke hadapan. 😅

Sebaik saja masuk ke dalam kapal terbang..rasa dah macam sampai Jepun..kerana dari duduk, take off hingga ke landing asyik tgk orang Jepun aje..heee..sungguh terasa feel Jepun tu.

Seperti biasa, setiap penumpang di kelas ekonomi di sediakan bantal, selimut n headphone yg best.

Perjalanan selama 6 jam 40 min xlah terasa lama. Dan pastinya tidak ditemani rasa lapar dan dahaga. Mungkin juga sbb kami sudah makan tengahari sebelum berlepas.

Air mineral khas, kraker beras, set makanan washoku, pelbagai jenis tea, sandwich croissant. Semuanya 👍👍👍👍

Minum air bergelen tapi x perlu risau jika perlu kerap ke lavatory sebab ade bidet.

Anyway keselesaan ini ada harganya, jika biasanya perjalanan pergi balik menerusi AAX adalah lebih kurang RM1,000, tetapi untuk ANA kami bayar RM1,700++. Beza RM700. Ini adelah harga keselesaan dan kemudahan.

Lapangan terbang Haneda agak sibuk malam itu. Urusan imigresen cuma selesai 40 minit selepas mendarat.

Setelah mengambil beg dan menyelesaikan lain2 urusan kami menuju ke hostel kami yg hanya 2 stesen dari Haneda Airport.

Ketibaan kami di Anamori Inari disambut dgn hujan lebat. Hujan lebat dan kesejukkan menjadikan perjalanan yang mudah menjadi sukar.

Mujurlah urusan di 328 pantas, selesai daftar masuk, kami berehar..

Tips nak melepasi kaunter imigresen di luar negara..

Tips untuk first time traveller or utk dijadikan sbg peringatan..

1. Prepare itinerary. Print boleh. Softcopy pun boleh. Kalo pegi in a group..pastikan semua ade copy itinerary. Lebih baik before pegi, discuss route perjalanan dgn semua.
2. Beli tiket pegi balik. Book accommodation. Print or softcopy. Mana2 pun boleh.
3. Kalo korang ade bajet schedule bawak skali in case depa mintak. Boleh justify nape korang bawak duit sebanyak yg korang bawak tu. Tp pengalaman saya mmg x penah tanye bawak bape byk duit pun. (Ni x print pun, sbb mmg buat bajet pas buat itinerary utk tgk bape cash in hand nak kena bawak.)
4. Isi arrival form sesiap dlm flight. Mmg ade org x buat sbb xde pen. Hence bawaklah walau sebatang pen. Kalo dh tido masa stewardess pass arrival form..masa dh touchdown pun boleh observe org dok bawak kertas tu selit kat passport..masih belum terlambat nak isi dekat kaunter borang yg disediakan. Bukan isi kat kaunter immigration staff tu ye.
4. Bila nak isi arrival form tu, isi betul2.cek maklumat sama x dgn boarding pass, passport n alamat hotel..pastikan semua ruangan yang patut diisi telah diisi..boarding pass tu pun kena  tunjuk gak masa kat kaunter immigration..jd jgn hilangkan plak.
5. Jgn amik gamba kat kawasan immigration.
6. Pakai kemas and wear a smile. 
7. Bykkan doa agar dipermudahkan urusan
8. Lupe plak..belajar basic greeting. Bile smp kaunter bolehlaa..ohaiyo ke..konnichiwa ke.. 🙂
Additional tips:
9. Tunduk kan kepala tanda terima kasih lepas dpt approval. Arigatou – Akhmal Hisham
10. Inform Malaysian Embassy jgn lupa.Email ME kat mana2 country yg nak pergi (Lagi kukuh evidence ni kalau imi tak trust ke etc). Inform ME: 

1 – Travel date, naik ape, depart & arrival etc

2 – Attached itinerary

3 – State jugak tempat tinggal etc

4 – Bagi whatsapp no etc.

5-  Attached jugak passport for emergency purpose. Missing passport ke ape. Atleast imi ader copy jugak.

6 –  Print email conversation dgn ME tu.- Jaja Ibrahim (utk maklumat lebih lanjut boleh follow trail comment Jaja Ibrahim )
11. Beli travel insurance utk bukti yg we are medically covered sepjg trip. Walaupun takde duit cash byk at least hv an effort to show we are prepared for the trip. – Aziah Zakaria
Tp kalo dh buat semua ni masih x lepas jugak camne?? Anggap jelah takde rezeki utk masuk Jepun buat masa jgnlaa berputus asa utk cube lg nnt. 🙂
p/s: Boleh diapply utk other overseas trip yg lain..


It is weekend and after a super hectic week, decided need to have some ‘me’ time. And coincidentally, there is a special exhibition “Project Shinkansen” is on going at Isetan the Japan Store. So, here I am, who are on the way to be otaku densha, being excited watching the cute and cool diorama of Shinkansen.

Cool right? Other things that you can do and get at this exhibition are:

1. Redeem special tote bag and a note book by:

-‘Like’ the official FB page of Isetan the Japan Store

– Capture a photo and upload it at your fb wall with a hashtag #ProjectShinkansen

– Just show it to the staff manning the exhibition there 

I love the it is a plain paper notebook..

2. Fill up a survey and get a coupon to redeem an Ekiben (Japan Train Station Bento) . This one is limited distribution only on specific days (mostly weekends)

3. Of course, you can take photos, videos and even selfies with the diorama:

4. Or taking photo at the photowall.

5. If you can’t get enough of the diorama, maybe you should consider to buy and build one at home. The Tomica store just nearby the exhibition. 🙂

So, if you got free time and want to do something free then you should come here. The Project Shinkansen will be open until 7 March 2017. 

​. An

Lagi perihal baju time winter


So, I went to Seoul for my birthday trip recently. It is winter.. but xde salji! Kecewa birthday girl. Dlm xde salji average temp still around 2°C – -4°C. Sejuk tuu.. kalo tibai pakai style summer kat Malaysia la ni, boleh hypothermia.

Maka menyedari diri sendiri agak fussy hal pakaian, maka adelah buat persiapan pakaian musim sejuk. Ade yg beli and ade yg punggah stok masa pi Jepun last year. Sbb sedar diri kite ni tak sehalus mulus org Korea sane, jd prepare jelah siap2 semua kat sini.

So nak share skitlaa cara nak berfashionista masa musim sejuk utk temp seperti diatas. Kalo sejuk smp -10 tu dh kena upgrade lagi ketebalannye.

1. Takyah mandi berjam2 sambil berjanam2 dlm bilik air.

2. Before pakai thermal.. long john.. heattech by uniqlo, apply layer of lotion utk moisturize seterusnya mengurangkan kekeringan dan kegatalan. Ade org recommend Nivea, but for me Nature Republic Aloe Gel pun okay.

3. Then pakailaa thermal, long john or heattech. Kaki pun sama.. pakai thermal jugak ataupun carilah seluar yg siap2 ade fleece or yg seangkatan dengannya.

4. Lepas thermal, pakai laa baju biasa, blouse ke shirt ke.. tp kalo rasa mmg taktahan sejuknya carilaa fleeced shirt or jumper or sweater..

5. Pastu pakai la jaket..jaket ni dr extra warm katenye. So far mmg bile pakai mmg okay rasa comfy sedang2 je suhunya. Kalo boleh layerkan dgn windbreaker. Sbb sejuk tu yg bikin kejung tu bile disertai angin2 konon2 sepoi2 bahasa tp tidak sama skali. Boleh bikin kepale pusing oi.

6. Boots from kire mcm investment la ni. Sbb bukan setakat style menarik, tp comfy (jln seharian pun still rasa selesa) dan juga kaki x rasa sejuk. Nway boots camni rasanye cam x sesuai kalo dh ade snow.. kena yg kalis air gitu. penting bile beli boots or jacket.. jgn beli ngam2. Sbb korang nak pakai berlapis2. Winter socks pun boleh tahan tebal. Tak syiok ah pakai kasut ketat jejalan spoil mood nnt.

8. Gloves tu seeloknya belilaa yg leather or faux leather ke..kuat skit penebatnya. Cam dlm gamba ni bikin beku je. Last2 dok dlm poket jelah tangan je.

9. Heat pack pun berguna gak. Simpan dlm poket je. Ni x sempat nak stock up.

10. Face and neck warmer, ini jgn diabaikan. Nak tahu nape sile google. Sbb for me rasa lebih selesa dan warm bile kepala, muke and leher x sejuk.

naTea via HTC One


Surreal sangat.

Last year in early November, we went to USS beramai2 with all the kids. Hectic but fun! Pastu masa nak balik, tengok ramainye orang duk gather nearby the entrance. Rupenye ade Halloween Horrror Night kat USS. Haruslaa kami diselubungi curiousity. Best sangat ke sampai ramai yang pegi ni. So kitorg pun startlaa pakat2 nak pegi tahun nie punye (of courselaa without the kids)

Plan punye plan, dari 7-8 orang jadi kami bertiga je and i roped in my colleague, Khai to join skali. Kitorg amik tiket Buy 3 free 1 utk Maybankcard Holder, dapatla around RM150 per pax. Khai and I flew into Singapore the day before and all of us reunited at the USS entrance on the Saturday.



sebab nak amik feel. Aku bayarlaah RM30 to have my face painted. Dahlaa pakai baju merah, face all white and super red lips, hampir nak resemblance Cik Ponti pun ada. Hahahaha. Nway, walaupun ni Halloween Horror Nights, patrons are not allowed to wear costumes or pakai halloween makeup full face. Sbb nak differentiate with the Scare Actors kot.


By 6.30 pm, kitorg dah start duduk depan entrance gate. 7 pm baru boleh masuk. Suasana masa tu mmg meriah and happening. Semuanye excited nak masuk rumah hantu. Lepas masuk je..patrons kena berhimpun depan special stage. Owh..lupe nak bgtau tema tahun ni adelah Rise of the Bloodmoon. So rumah2 hantu and scare zone basically berkisar pasal mcm2 laa jadi bile ade bloodmoon ni.

So the intro started kul 7.30 pm. Not bad laa intro, tapi masa tu tgh panas and kitorg pun dah berkobar2. So lepas abis je intro, kitorg teruslaa berlari anak pegi Battlestar Galactica punye rides sbb nie aim diorg. Aku mmg x berani nak naik sbb doc pun dah advise jgn naik thrill rides for the time being. Lepas dah abis, aku ajak diorg masuk rumah hantu. Sebab itu lah misi utama kami kan. Memule kitorg pegi Scare Zone: Invaders. Haaa…bapak happening area ni. Walaupun muke alien memasing agak menggerunkan, tapi kalo dah kat tempat macam disco nie..xde laa nak rasa takut pun. Scare Zone the Invaders nie dekat area Sesame Street.

Then kitorg queue for Scare Zone the conTERMINATED. Tak lame pun beratur. Scare Zone nie taklah panjang, tapi berkisar kawasan gelandangan bagi org2 yang dibuang. Aku seperti biasa, mule menjerit seawal diusik ‘the crazy homeless’ lepas tu kawan2 aku plak sibuk suh ‘the homeless’ utk usik aku gak. lagi byk kalilah aku jerit.

Scare zone conTERMINATED: A secret colony code-named Sector #5 was set up by the government to quarantine the deformed and the diseased. Left to fend for themselves, they have developed a bloodlust for their oppressors, which the Blood Moon is stoking to a fever pitch.

Selepas the hype is built, adrenalin pun dah ade, kitorg pun makin excited nak masuk rumah hantu yang lain. Tapi before that, kitorg isi minyak dulu, makan ayam goreng kat halal eateries kat USS sebelum kitorg beratur for 2 hours semata2 utk True Singapore Stories: The MRT (Tak pernah aku beratur more than 1 hour utk naik rides kat theme park weh…tak pernahhh). Hoih..mcm nak patah kaki weh beratur kat sini. I think sebab byk very good review by bloggers/media yg dah dtg preview kot, soo mcm ramai laa aim nak pegi sini.

Tapi tak sia2 laa beratur hampir 2 jam, memang menarik rumah hantu nie. Kitorg go through gerabak ke gerabak yang semuanya ade pelbagai scare elements dan aku rasa nasib baiklaaa ramai orang, kalo tak aku tatau laaa camne nak survive. Skit2 menjerit. Tgk macam patung. tapi tetibe bangun n jerit kat kite. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….

Pastu kitorg pegi Scare Zone: Hungry Ghost..Ini kalo x ramai org, ko jalan dlm group of 4 mmg ade skit goosebumps. Sbb ScareActors punye makeup and costume realistik. Kat sini, kami dok amik gamba je. IRL kalo jumpe hantu ade nak amik gamba??

Next rumah hantu adelah Siloso Gateway Block 50. Kat rumah hantu ni ade 4 units rumah stayed by various ethnicity but they are all Zombies. The setup of the haunted house realistic sgt. N aku byk kali terkejut n few times gakla menjerit ketakutan bila tetibe disergah zombie2 yang ntah dari mana dtg. Mmg bestlaa rumah hantu nie, ade takut, panic and anxiety elements.

Kitorg kuar umah hantu ni around 12.30 am kot. N seb baik the haunted house Tunnel People tak tutup lagi, dapatlaa kami merasa the best ending for HHN2015. Kitorg bace blogger punye review on this haunted house that tunnel ni is total darkness. Mmg x nampak pape. Harap org depan. Bertambah debarlaaa nak masuk..kena pulak group kitorg adelah yg pertama masuk dlm the next batch tu. Ya Allah..mmg gelapnye laa hai. mmg aku dh redha mesti aku jerit gile2 punye.

Elok tgh belok satu lorong ni, tetibe ade bunyi kuat gile dari atas..omg..masa ni kitorg jerit macam nak gile! sbb terkejut gile weh. adelah dlm 1-2 minit kitorg jerit. Drama takk..tapi mesti scare actors puas hati sangat dgn tahap kenyaringan dan durasi jeritan kami. Pastu ade laah jerit2 gedik skit. But sebelum nak kuar ade line up of ‘tunnel people’ waiting for us. Masa nie mmg kitorg dah start jerit non stop sbb tatau yg mane satu akan usik kitorg smplaaa jumpe pintu kuar.

Lepas kuar tu mmg gelak sakan kitorg. All of us agreed, that was the best ending for our ghost hunting activity tonight. Sebab x cukup masa, kitorg skip haunted house  The Hell House. then kitorg sibuk gi amik gambar, itupun rasa tak puas gak.

Papehal pun, in conclusion, Halloween Horror Nights mmg sgt awesome. Kalo korang rasa nak menjerit sepuas2nye, bolehlaa datang sini and screamed your lungs out (but not ur urat pleasse). And of course we cant wait for the next installment with more ghost huntress and ghost hunters taggging along.

For now, jomlaa kumpul duit utk beli tiket tahun depan + Express pass skali, supaya tak payahlaa kite beratur smp 2 jam lagi utk masuk rumah hantu.

Additional information:

For tickets and info:

For photos and walkthrough and reviews:

The Halloween Horror Nights run on selected nights from 1 – 31 October 2015.

Halloween Horror Nights 2015 @ Universal Studio Singapore : The Rise of the Bloodmoon